Goodwin gets enterprise SaaS provider


Field2Base is an enterprise software-as-a-service provider of award winning solutions in the area of Mobile Data Capture & Delivery and Forms Automation. Headquartered in the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, North Carolina), Field2Base has developed the most robust, completely customizable and intuitive mobile forms solutions on the market today.  The business has thousands of users across the US and internationally and serves clients across all industry verticals from healthcare (nursing, pharmacy, home health) and government to construction and field service (utilities, telecom, insurance, HVAC).  The company has a variety of both large, multi-thousand seat enterprise clients as well as small and mid-market company clients.

Field2Base was originally founded in 2002 as a provider of forms automation solutions exclusively to the construction industry.  The company grew into a very profitable business employing 40 people but was forced to scale back in 2007 as the construction industry contracted in the economic recession.  Since that time, Field2Base has pivoted and invested significantly in product development to offer its suite of products to a wide range of clients across many industries.  They have returned to profitability and are poised for significant growth.  The company now seeks an experienced Chief Executive Officer to lead their efforts in building a more robust sales and marketing engine to scale this business and take advantage of the widespread demand for their solutions.  It is remarkable how many companies still rely on using paper forms for everything from registration to appraisals to timesheets to reports and Field2Base is addressing this huge conversion opportunity.

Goodwin gets C-level search to help firm expand.


  • Chief Executive Officer