Goodwin gets healthcare technology company

Concert Genetics

Concert Genetics is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making genetic testing more transparent and efficient for stakeholders across the healthcare system.

With more than 60,000 genetic tests on the market, the selection, delivery and reimbursement of genetic testing is more complicated than ever. With scattered information about testing products, inconsistent ordering processes, and inefficient coding and billing systems, there is a growing need for tools to navigate this explosive field. Concert Genetics launched in 2012 as an IT company dedicated to enhancing the transparency of genetic testing data and streamlining processes related to genetic test ordering, payment and management for healthcare providers, laboratories and health insurers.  Genetic testing has exploded in frequency, cost, and complexity.  More than 60,000 unique genetic testing products exist on the market and on average, 8-10 new genetic testing products enter the market every day.  Concert Genetics tracks the details and prices for over 60,000 molecular and genetic tests and leverages these core data assets in a variety of solutions.

Goodwin gets high growth healthcare technology firm to help build out product team.


  • VP, Product Management