Goodwin Gets Transformation

HSM Solutions

HSM Solutions (formerly Hickory Springs Manufacturing) is an $800M, privately held, family-owned process manufacturing company undergoing significant transformation. Founded in 1944 as a local business, today the company employs 2,500 people in more than 50 manufacturing plants in 17 U.S. states and China to make foams, metal wire and fiber products for use in furniture, bedding, automobiles and other end-use manufactured products. The company’s vision is to create an increasingly more diverse set of component products to expand into new and rapidly growing sectors like transportation, healthcare, packaging and government. Getting there will require more, and different, types of talent.

Goodwin gets tradition… and change, merging old-business ethos with new global mandates.

Client Challenge & Opportunity

  • Evolving from local/regional factory to global contract manufacturer
  • Trying to scale globally while keeping the culture and ethos of a family-run, founder-led business
  • With increased competition from overseas, client is aggressively taking the competition to them
  • Need for new and varied senior-most talent to help transform strategy and operations

Goodwin Service & Value

  • Led the search for the client’s first-ever independent Board Director… and hired one more!
  • Narrowed short-list for Board Member and CEO from hundreds of possible candidates
  • Worked closely with founders and board to find talent that helped bridge past and present
  • Helping to develop and hire for the client’s own “talent machine”


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Independent Board Director
  • Director of Talent Management

“When we looked for the first outside director in our company’s history a few years ago, we contacted Goodwin, who presented us with an unparalleled list of potential candidates, who were so good, that we were able to select the top two as our new outside directors… one is now our CEO. I would HIGHLY recommend Goodwin for any Board search.”

– Chairman of the Board, HSM Solutions