Goodwin Gets SaaS & Mobility


Founded to solve consumers’ frustration in schedulinghome technical support, TOA uses a unique and patented approach to field services through a state-of-the-art mobile workforce management solution, designed for large corporates in cable & telecommunications, home healthcare, utilities, and other residential retail sectors. The Gartner Group recently named TOA as a leader in field service management technologies, placing it in the upper right of its“magic quadrant” chart. Today,TOA continues to build a world-class leadership team that is guiding operations in dozens of countries on four continents. Suffice it to say, theirs is a talent-driven business.

Goodwin gets the digital home, helping eliminate the wait for residential service and support.

Client Challenge & Opportunity

  • Growing from Under $15 M in sales to over $200 M in total bookings, serving clients in 27 countries
  • Working at the forefront of mobility, which is transforming how business and consumers engage
  • Focus is “speed to hire” for getting the right talent with SaaS, mobility, and industry bona fides
  • Hiring needs span the globe, in lockstep with company’s market growth

Goodwin Service & Value

  • Introduced to client CEO through referral from F50 communications company
  • Owned and operated almost a dozen searches for key TOA team members, many reporting to CEO
  • Serves as TOA’s “on call” executive recruitment specialist for one of the hottest B2C markets
  • Tasked with helping TOA CEO “cross the chasm” with 10 executive hires… and counting
  • TOA acquired for 10X revenue by Oracle


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • SVP & GM, Americas
  • VP, Sales, North America
  • VP, Sales, Middle Market (Atlanta)
  • VP, Customer Operations
  • VP, Business Development and Alliances
  • VP, Product Marketing & Strategy
  • Director, West Coast Sales
  • Director, Relationship Management Team
  • Relationship Manager, Cox Communications

“Goodwin’s keen eye for talent is an unbeatable factor in finding great people. They are thorough and detail-oriented, with proven approaches to mine and bring in great candidates to fill essential executive roles. The results are fantastic and speak for themselves. I highly recommend them.”

- President & CEO, TOA Technologies