What we are not…


Many companies turn to Goodwin because they feel they’ve been “burned by the big guys.” While Goodwin boasts a 98% completion rate, big firms have an average completion rate of only 65%. Big-firm partners often manage 10 to 15 searches at once, whereas Goodwin partners intentionally manage no more than 3 searches at a time. As veteran search executives, we’ve been on the other side with big firms, both as practitioners and as clients, and we aim liberate clients from big firms’ overinflated expenses (and sometimes egos) and junior staff who often take over before the real work begins.


Contingency firms can deliver well when companies are looking to fill a seat and there are a lot of qualified candidates out in the market. They often work aggressively for a few weeks,seeking to source the low-hanging fruit and limiting their search to prospective candidates who are already looking for a job. At Goodwin, we’re solely and exclusively focused on the best candidate, not the most convenient, and we source the majority of successful candidates for clients from places where professionals are often already“happily employed”.


Professional search firms do not serve the same role or mission as staffing companies. There are many high-quality staffing companies in the market, focused on providing short- and long-term labor for a wide range of positions up and down the organizational ladder. If your company is looking for that type of help, we’re happy to refer you to some of the staffing firms we know and with whom we have worked.

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