Why We Do What We Do…

At Goodwin, we are business people who do executive search, not search people struggling to keep upwith business. From preventing terrorist attacksandfinancial fraud… to reinventing the entire legal profession… to connecting military veterans with civilian jobs… to solving the “cable guy” problem, our clients are changing the world in their respective markets and industries.And we stand alongside them to help do it.

Goodwin’s work spans some of the most important trends in business and innovation today, including big data-analytics, cloud computing, software-as-a-service(SaaS), and mobility, to name a few. Our clients are leading these trends in the fields of technology and professional services, and we are proud to support them.

Goodwin Mission Statement

We improve society by helping companies to identify and recruit exceptional leaders who can help transform how business gets done, and so change the world.

  • Goodwin drives results.

    Goodwin hires generate relevant and significant returns for our clients.  Unlike transactional search providers, we complete over 98% of our search assignments, which is almost twice the industry average.   Candidates we’ve placed typically have tenure three times longer than the industry average – e.g., over 80% of the candidates we have placed are still employed with our clients 36 months after hire.  More than 85% of our engagements come from repeat business and new referrals current and former clients and candidates.

  • Goodwin provides access.

    Years of experience in the professional services industry give Goodwin unrivalled access to leading talent around the world.  Our sourcing approach yields not only the best-qualified candidates, but also a wealth of market understanding to help clients navigate key hiring decisions.  Our relationships with buyers of professional services at global companies give us an additional level of insight, and we base our approach to growth on relationships, industry knowledge, and market experience.  This is how and why we’ve been serving clients for over a decade as a boutique executive search partner.

  • Goodwin gives you the “A team”… from beginning to end.

    At big search firms, the process may begin with a senior person, but in reality a significant portion of the work is done by less experienced associates, with less knowledge of your business or company and less access to top talent.  A typical big search firm partner may conduct 15 to 20 assignments simultaneously, overwhelming their associates and research staff.  They operate in a “book it”, “bill it”, and “forget it” environment.  As a result, prospective candidates may match up on paper, but sometimes lack the cultural fit and soft skills required for a particular position. We’ve learned that our partners and associates are performing their best for clients when they have fewer projects, and so that’s out policy:  we put the client’s interest first.

  • Goodwin is better because we’re not bigger.

    Executive search firms have an ethical (and usually contractual) obligation not to recruit from clients, which can severely limit your pool of candidates.  In other words, candidates that are being actively recruited for one client within a particular search firm are off-limits (or should be) for any other search projects.  Large firms can have literally thousands of active candidates throughout the firm at any one time, many of whom are unavailable for your search.  As a boutique executive search firm, Goodwin does not have this challenge, and so neither do our clients.  Goodwin knows that relationships don’t scale, but rather are built one person at a time.

  • Goodwin knows your market, company, and people.

    Goodwin’s high-touch business model enables us to form a genuine partnership with the client.  We do our homework and spend the time to get to know you because we believe in and favor long-term relationship over transactions.  As partners collaborating together with our clients, Goodwin has discovered that talent acquisition is part science and part art, grounded in extensive research and industry understanding, and enhanced by relationships and the personal and emotional connections that people understandably have around their companies and careers.

  • Goodwin cares about earning trust before earning fees.

    In our business, they say you are only as good as your last project:  85% of our business is from repeat customers with whom we have long-standing relationships at the highest levels, all built on a foundation of personal trust and transparency.  We like our clients, and they like us.  We spend time with them, get to know them, and go out of our way to show we care and that we are worthy of their confidence and collaboration.